Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday Catalonia's Football squad played a match against Euskal Herria's. It was a fine match, that finished with an even score, 1-1. The match happened at San Mames stadium, in Bilbo. The event was a clear demand for the official recognition of both teams, in order to play official championships, such as Scotland, Wales do.

Unfortunately, the US soccer team rejected to play against Catalonia's two months ago, due to the pressions carried out by Spanish Football Federation (FEF). It was a shameful behavior, a coward reaction from them. This gang-style diplomacy practised by FEF, must be condemned. Catalonia is a nation with a deep and glorious sport tradition that qualifies him to play at international level in most of the disciplines. As a matter of fact, if Catalan sportsmen and sportswomen would play under the Catalan flag, chances for Spain to obtain medals would diminish considerably. That's the question. Not to mention the symbolic dimension.

But leaving Spain's obsessions aside, yesterday was a great day. Modestly, I think that if Catalan squad would have keep the same players from the beginning to the end -with no more than three changes- we would have win the match. Catalan goal, a beautiful one, was scored by Bojan Krkic.

I think it is a good idea to start talks in order that the next match played by Catalonia squad will be against the above mentioned Scotland team. Others, official, alternatives also accepted.

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