Friday, January 4, 2008


Last december saw the constitution of a new citizen platform against Spanish terrorism impunity. The first activity that the new platform will carry out will be to participate in the judicial trial against 27 thugs arrested under Operation Panzer in 2005. The platform will exercise the popular accusation against them.

Among the arrested and put to trial thugs, there are some of the most violent, nazi friendly assets operating in València area and surroundings. Even one of them was sentenced to 16 years for the killing of a Catalan Patriot. But after 4 years in prison the spanish colonial judicial system allow him to get out. 

Members of the new citizen platform , in a meeting with the local press, said that in València area and sorroundings the spanish terrorism has committed 600 attacks against homosexuals, immigrants and Catalan Patriots and leftist militants. It is by far the Spanish state area with most of such actions. They pointed to police, certain medias and the Spanish Popular Party of a kind of toleration towards this terrorism that threats the free and democratic life.

In order to underline the danger these spanish thugs represent, just take a look of the weapons storage seized following their crack down: rifles, guns, pen-guns, machetes, katanas, knives, knuckle dusters, war stuff coming from Spanish army, including a grenade launcher, two 25 mm grenades, and also medieval age weaponry. A total of 18 facilities were stormed, in València (HQ), Sagunt, Puçol, Xiva, La Pobla de Farnals, Torrent, Silla, Paterna, La Font de la Figuera, Burjassot and Xirivella.

Although my trust in the spanish colonial judicial system is below zero, I think sometimes it is compelled to save the forms. My personal opinion is that this bunch of thugs opted to be free riders, so they became a risk for Spanish established powers, and so they chose to finish them.

We must continue our fight against the spanish terrorism. Unfortunately it is a fight far to be over. Media, political, judicial and police elements support it in an every day more open way. Also it is worth to be mentioned the implication of military personnel in these gangs. Spanish professional military soldiers had committed terrible acts of violence in the last years including assassinations of ordinary people just for fun or after a traffic accident.

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