Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spanish terrorism strikes again

On Sunday, a provoked fire damaged Bloc Nacionalista Valencià's headquarter in Benicàssim, a very important tourist and beach municipality located 13 km. north from Castelló de la Plana. This is the third time that the same building is attacked by Spanish terrorist organisations that want to threat all those who consider that the territory south of Sènia river is also an integral part of the Catalan nation.

As usually, this agression has attracted no attention from mainstream media, neither from València nor from Barcelona cities. However, this is another step forward towards the terror campaign implemented by Spain, against Catalan identity. Let's remember it. We must stop all the fascist-style agression and bring all the criminals to the justice -not the Spanish one, cause it is not fair and balanced in these issues, but to the international judicial stances.

Also it deserves to be mentioned that a terrorist campaign including threatening graffities is on the move in Valencia's city section of Barri del Carme. Again menaces and threats are written on the walls against patriotic and leftists organisations and people.

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