Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday Catalonia's Football squad played a match against Euskal Herria's. It was a fine match, that finished with an even score, 1-1. The match happened at San Mames stadium, in Bilbo. The event was a clear demand for the official recognition of both teams, in order to play official championships, such as Scotland, Wales do.

Unfortunately, the US soccer team rejected to play against Catalonia's two months ago, due to the pressions carried out by Spanish Football Federation (FEF). It was a shameful behavior, a coward reaction from them. This gang-style diplomacy practised by FEF, must be condemned. Catalonia is a nation with a deep and glorious sport tradition that qualifies him to play at international level in most of the disciplines. As a matter of fact, if Catalan sportsmen and sportswomen would play under the Catalan flag, chances for Spain to obtain medals would diminish considerably. That's the question. Not to mention the symbolic dimension.

But leaving Spain's obsessions aside, yesterday was a great day. Modestly, I think that if Catalan squad would have keep the same players from the beginning to the end -with no more than three changes- we would have win the match. Catalan goal, a beautiful one, was scored by Bojan Krkic.

I think it is a good idea to start talks in order that the next match played by Catalonia squad will be against the above mentioned Scotland team. Others, official, alternatives also accepted.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last week a bunch of Spanish terrorists attacked a cultural meeting held in Casal Jaume I at Sueca (Ribera Baixa) (picture on the right). They tried to boycott it, but were ejected by the public and also by ohters citizens who came to aid. As usually when fascists attacks occur, police units arrived late, approximately, ten minutes (local police) and half an hour (Civil Guard). Three people from the public were injured and needed medical attention. Local police arrested five fascists out of thirty. Civil Guard, none.

Guest speakers, journalist Víctor Alexandre and activist Èric Bertran, were not touched and once the terrorists were ousted, the meeting proceeded with no more incidents. Both were in Sueca invited to introduce the book Èric Bertran i l'Exèrcit del Fènix.

Attackers were Grup d'Acció Valencianista (GAV) gang members, devoted to attack any Catalan meeting or demonstration that takes place in the city of València and its surroundings.

This incident is just one more of the list of attacks, agressions and threats that sectors opposed to our Catalan identitycarryied out. In fact, there is no freedom of expression in some localities of València area, since Catalan people and activists known positively that if they express publicly their ideas, they become automatically possible targets of an agression. The situation tends to be each more and more tense.

Notwithstanding, mainstream media, in Barcelona and València, tend to ignore this thugs demonstrations. Maybe they are waiting for a death. Then, yes, the event will deserve some attention.

Monday, December 17, 2007

iCatalanizer 0.2

Since Apple's sensibility towards Catalan customers is minus zero, Catalan Mac and Apple addicts must have to find ways to have Apple software in Our National Language, that is, in Catalan. Today we have know that there is a Catalan version for iPhone. That's great. Another step forward to consolidate our Language in the Information Society.

Those interested in downloaded it, please, click here.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Do you know that...

Between 1975 and 1980, 460 people died in political-related episodes, questioning the moderate and peaceful development interpretation of the post-francoist transition.

Since 1995, 76 people have been assassinated in hate-related crimes.
Most of the victims were immigrants, homosexuals, homeless,
leftists, anarchists and independentists.

There is an average of 4.000 hate agressions per year.

Hate related crimes were committed in 200 different localities.

There are more than 100 racist websites

There are 70 fascist music bands

And more than 10.000 ultras and fascists militants

Once you know that, may be you also want to know that

Hate ideologies such as Islamophobia and Antisemitism are growing
realities in the Spanish state

Catalanophobia is skyrocketing among Spanish society,
in fact it always has been a core component of the spanish nationalist discourse,
as an example, there is a military say that states that
"Barcelona deserves to be shelled every 50 years"

Spanish fascist organisations are specially active
in selected Catalan areas such as El Vallès, El Camp de Tarragona
and the City of València and surroundings

Now, if you are a decent human being,
you must understand that INDEPENDENCE is the only solution for Catalans,
in order to be a free people, living with dignity and self-respect.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


On Sunday night, officials from Valencian Regional government, shut down the facility that allowed to a large segment of population from cities such as Alacant (323,000 inhabitants), Elx (219.000 inhabitants), among others, to watch TV3, the most important Catalan-speaking Tv channel.

In the Age of Internet, that a government attacks such an elemental right as Free of Expression, it's a decision, that deserves to be denounced worldwide. This initiative, however, also targets the diffusion of Catalan Language in an area where its survival is in a critical situation.  In the coast line, Catalan is almost extinguished, after decades of linguistic and cultural discrimination, being considered as an inferior, rural, a 2nd Class language. 

I condemn the move made by the Valencian government, on Partido Popular's hands, and invite all democrats, being they catalans or not, to join all the campaigns and initiatives to reactivate the reception of TV3 in the area mentioned. 

Let's rise our Voice to Europe and to the whole World!

Monday, December 10, 2007


For Spanish government, media and main parties (PSOE and PP) the time to swallow is approaching. Kosovo will be independent sometimes between today and next May. Most probably next January. Spain must swallow the independence of Kosovo, as previously did with the independence of Montenegro and before that of the rest of new states coming into existence since 1989. His opinion is irrelevant. 

Of the 27 European Union states, Spain sides with the block most opposed to the recognition of Kosovo Independence. This block is also formed by the following states: Greece,  Cyprus, Romania and Slovakia. All these states fear that the Kosovo precedent will impact in their domestic affairs. In the Spanish case, of course, politicians and journalists realize that Kosovo's access to independence will mark a precedent: the break up of a State Territorial Integrity , that can be useful for future cases, like Catalan one. 

But since USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and even France, are for the recognition of Kosovo Independence, Spain's stand is completely marginal. No one cares about it. That's the reality Spanish politicians and media tend to ignore. They think of themselves to be the World's centerpiece. And frankly, they are not. In fact, they are far away of being the World's centerpiece of something, except, maybe, of corruption.

Catalonia's Independence Movement, once the moment arrives, will hail enthusiastically the Kosovo accession to Freedom and Independence. Their Liberty approaches our's, even though, our political context differs so much from Kosovo's.

Also, it deserves to be mentioned that Kosovo's independence won't be happily accepted by a key european actor, such as Mr. Javier Solana (picture). As a Spanish politician, he is squarely opposed to Catalonia's Independence. After Montenegro's episode, where he made his best to prevent the accession to Independence of the former Yugoslavian Republic, his leadership at European level is almost inexistent. 

In the current debate, the two main international actors  have been the United States (favouring the Independence of Kosovo), and Russia (opposing it). Also United Nations and NATO have played an important, if controversial role. But this is not the case, again, of the European Union, that until now, has been unable to reach a common stand. So the visibility of Solana's figure has been really very low.

For the record. Solana's political mentor was his uncle Salvador de Madariaga. Exiled in London during the Francoist regime, Madariaga once was quoted to say that "Even though Franco's regime is bad, may be it solves in a definitive way the Catalan question". 

Francoist dictatorship not only banned Catalan Language and Culture, practicing a cultural extermination policy, but also assassinated thousands of Catalan Patriots, including the President of Catalonia, Mr. Lluís Companys in 1940. Mr. Companys (picture) was captured by Gestapo in the occupied France, and handed over to Francoist police. He was tortured, and submitted to a fake judicial process, condemned and assassinated by a fire squad in  Barcelona's Montjuïch Castle. 

Mr. Lluís Companys was the only democratically elected President assassinated by Fascist regime. His trial and sentence, has not yet been declared illegal and void. 

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Catalonia's Independence Movement is very active and present in Internet. As an example, we can bring the high number of weblogs written in Catalan, that form the Catosfera, a neologism from Catalonia and Blogosphere. A large number of them, 553 to be exact -and growing-, are members of Xarxa de Blocs Sobiranistes (Sovereignists Blogs Network), that is, they push for Catalonia's Independence. This network is a prove of the Online Independentist Movement' strength.

Unfortunately, few Independentists websites or weblogs offer an English version or translation. That's sad, because this limitation discriminate all the surfers unable to read and understand our National Language. And if the independentist movement, including parties, personal weblogs, civic platforms and media, do not offer it, these surfers are compelled to read Spanish media, such as El Pais, El Mundo or ABC, all of them totally opposed to our demands.

In fact Spanish Media are the Spearhead of current Spanish Nationalism, who has as one of its top obsession the Catalanophobia. Following Mr. Xabier Arzallus words, a former leader of Basque Nationalist Party, Spanish Media assume the role previously developed by Armed Forces: to watchdog the Spanish National Unity and Integrity. That's why he call them the Brunete Media (Brunete is the Spanish 1st Tank Division's name). Other analysts of the same phenomena, opt to use the term Spanish Jihad to describe the fanatical stand of these media.

Back to Catalan Online presence, there are, in fact some examples of good practices. I mean some online pro-independence initiatives that include English version. Let's take a look:

1. Estatpropi (Our State), is an online campaign that wants to gather surfers living in the Catalan Territory. For everyone who joins it, there is a Catalan Flag that is displayed in the exact location where he resides, in a Catalonia's Google Map. The purpose is to have a flag-based Catalonia's Map. Those interested in the campaign, do not hesitate to enter here.

2. Freecatalonia (No translation needed, of course), is an activist website that focus his attention in provide historical, social, cultural, economic, and of course, political information about Catalan Nation and Fight dor Independence. One of their most influence and impact activities is the tourist-adressed information campaign, that wants the milions of Tourists that every year visit us, to be informed about where they travel. More information, here.

3. Comissió de la Dignitat (Blood Papers Commission), another activist website that focus in the retrieval of all Catalan public and private records and papers stolen by Spanish Francoist Army since 1938. Not few of this documentation was used by Spanish Fascists to repress Catalan Democratic and National movement and elements, including imposing death penalties. Following, literally, Nazi methods they elaborated a data base for the repression. The current citizen and online campaign wants bring back all the papers stolen to their legitimate owners (including private letters between soldiers in duty at front and their relatives at home). To Know more, enter here.

4. Second Catalonia, is one of the growing examples of the Catalan colonization of Second Life 3D Virtual World. Just take a walk or join a Catalan SL Group, to know more about our Culture, Art, Design, and of course, about our people. You can also become owner of some portion of Second Catalonia Land. Don't miss the oportunity!

Two more cases: .Cat and Eric and the Army of the Phoenix
However, in recent times, two cases have focused the Catalan Independentist Cause in Internet.

One was the most important Catalan initiative developed in the Internet: the Campaing for the recognition by ICANN of .cat domain. The second, a case of political repression by Spanish police and courts known as Eric and the Army of the Phoenix case.

a) After defeating the Spanish opposition, ICANN Board accepted .cat domain, to be reserved to webs related to Catalan culture and Language (not to Catalonia as a Country). The starting date to register .cat domain was February, 13th, 2006. Currently there are 25.901 .cat domains. It is the biggest success in our digital history, and an example to other non-state nations. Even foreign researchers were interested in it.

b) Èric Bertran, in 2004, was a 14 years old kid, that sent an anonymous email to three shops, asking for Catalan labels and signals. He did so pretending to be the headmaster of the Army of the Phoenix (in an obvious inspiration in Harry Poter's saga). A few days later, 20 Spanish Civil Guards anti-terrorist SWAT elements stormed his parents home, and accused Eric of terrorist activities. This was the beginning of a nightmare for Eric and his relatives. A nightmare that now has reach an international dimension and impact thanks to You Tube. This case is a clear-cut example of Spanish police and justice paranoia towards Catalan Patriots. To put only an example, a Public Prosecutor said that Eric was mentally incapacitated, because he considers himself as Catalan national, not Spanish. To know more, watch the videos dubbed in English (1,2,3,4,5).

Friday, December 7, 2007


A recent poll shows that a majority of Spanish citizens approve a State Pact between the two main political parties (PSOE and PP) in order to diminish the current weight of nationalist and independentists parties in the Spanish political system.

The central element of this Pact will be a new electoral law that probably will include measures such a new spanish-wide threshold, in order to eliminate from the distribution of seats those lists with less than 5% of the vote legally cast. Currently there is a constituency level threshold of 3%.

In last spanish elections, minor parties show the following results:

Izquierda Unida (Unite Left, including Spanish Communist Party), 4,96%
Convergència i Unió (Convergence and Union, Catalan Nationalists), 3,23%
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Republican Left of Catalonia, Independentists), 2,52%
Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea (Basque Nationalist Party), 1.63%
Coalición Canaria (Canary Coalition, regionalists), 0,91%
Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Galician National Bloc, nationalists), 0,81%
Chunta Aragonesista (Aragonese Junta, regionalists), 0.36%
Eusko Alkartasuna (Basque Solidarity, Independentists), 0.31%
Nafarroa Bai (Navarra Yes, Navarrese Pro-Basque List), 0,24%

Together they obtained 38 seats out of 350 at Congreso de los Diputados (Lower House of Spanish Cortes Generales). If, in 2004 the 5% Spanish-wide electoral threshold was enacted, then all these parties would have obtained no representation at all. As a consequence, only two parties were represented (Socialist and Popular parties) in the Lower House. Such a simplification of the political scenario would imply the negation of national, cultural, and linguistic complexity existing in the current Spanish State.

As a consequence, Spanish nationalism, the quintaessencial representant of, in Michael Billig's terms, banal nationalism, will be the only represented at the Lower House, since both main Spanish parties, are strong committed to defend a mononational vision of the Spanish state.

Of course, that is unacceptable, and will imply the polarization of national question issue in one of the European Union states, since either Catalans nor other nationalists and independentists under the Spanish rule will give up our Fight for Freedom and Independence. The example of other nations that have accessed to independence will guide us.

As the political say goes, there is nothing that ressembles more to a Rightist Spanish militant than a Leftist Spanish militant. One prefers a Red Spain than a broken one. The other prefers a Blue Spain (like Francoist regime's) than a broken one.

No doubt about that.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Catalonia deserves Independence. It's an every day more accepted demand. The idea of Independence seems quiet normal nowadays. On December 1st, thousands of people took Catalonia's capital streets, Barcelona, in order to demonstrate. We demanded our right to manage our own infrastructures (railways, airports, highways, sea ports) in accordance with citizens needs. We want to be masters of our future. We want to decide our own politics and policies, not being subordinated to Spanish politicians with an agenda that places Catalonia not at the top, but as a secondary rank, even though, Catalonia is a net contributor to Spanish public finances.  

This blog will inform to English readers about the progress of Catalonia progress towards Independence. Unfortunately, most of Catalan Independentists webs do not include links in English in order to translate its content. I think that's bad, because English readers from all over de world that do not read Catalan, are deprived of sensible information about our fight. Even worst, they are misinformed by Spanish media, or by Spanish Foreign Services, both of them strongly committed to the political, economic and cultural subordination of Catalonia.

From time to time we will post news related to public and private initiatives in order to empower Catalonia's demand for Self-determination and Independence. In this sense, it is worth to mention that there is a trend that is gaining support in order to fix a date to celebrate a kind of Referendum on Catalonia's future. The chosen data, but not officially yet, is September, 11th, 2014. 

The reason to chose this day is symbolical. It was in September, 11th, 1714, that is three hundred years ago, that with the fall of Barcelona, Catalonia lost its Political Liberty, its political institutions, rights, and constitutions, some of them originated in the Medieval Age. Since then, the Spanish state, in its successive regimes (Monarchy, Republic or Dictatorship) has tried to assimilate us both culturally and linguistically, and to demote Catalonia to a provincial status (by the way, province, came from Latin language, and means defeated territory).

Right now, it is difficult to say if this referendum will be taken on that date. May be yes, or may be no. May be later, or may be sooner, if things precipitate. But one thing is crystal-clear established. Catalan people is assuming that the current subordination (economic, political, cultural) to Spain is a growing threat to our well-being and our identity. Independence, as a consequence, is not silly idea, it is a top need. It is a necessity if we want to face the challenges and risks that globalisation poses to all the nations. 

We know that to battle for Catalonia Independence, only Catalans are prepared to. We expect no one will help us to carry out the stuff. But it is obvious that the International Community has a say in order to accept a new member. In this sense, our task will be to provide information to global media, news agencies, the blogosphere and the like. If the International Community receives such information, we have no doubt that our independence will be closer and closer. After all, most of the current states are the outcome of an Independence Process. 

We also expect that this process will be developed in a democratic way, respecting Human Rights and according to International Law. Spain has a current low mark in issues such a Torture, Corruption, and Fair and Trustfully Justice, and a past history of military coups, dictatorship, and in fact is the only state where Fascism has not been defeated by military means. That has deep cultural and psychological consequences. 

One of them is the rejection of diversity: a political culture rooted in homogeneity makes impossible the acceptance of a multilingual, multicultural Spain. From this perspective, Catalan language must be considered as a legal second-class language, even though, it is more spoken that official european languages, such as danish, slovene, among others.

Also, there is a rooted culture of fear in most families. Fear to express your opinion, to defend your rights and liberties, fear to take political stances... And that because the legacy of the Dictatorship is still living at home. A legacy that implies that to do politics, to express publicly will earn you problems, so better stay quiet, and obey authorities orders. 

But as past generations of Catalan patriots, we don't fear to express ourselves. We are committed to the Catalan Independence, to found a Republic of Catalonia independent from Spain, and including all the Catalan-speaking territories. That is our end, and we wish that this vision of Liberty will be shared with each day more international observers. To this we will do our best.