Tuesday, December 11, 2007


On Sunday night, officials from Valencian Regional government, shut down the facility that allowed to a large segment of population from cities such as Alacant (323,000 inhabitants), Elx (219.000 inhabitants), among others, to watch TV3, the most important Catalan-speaking Tv channel.

In the Age of Internet, that a government attacks such an elemental right as Free of Expression, it's a decision, that deserves to be denounced worldwide. This initiative, however, also targets the diffusion of Catalan Language in an area where its survival is in a critical situation.  In the coast line, Catalan is almost extinguished, after decades of linguistic and cultural discrimination, being considered as an inferior, rural, a 2nd Class language. 

I condemn the move made by the Valencian government, on Partido Popular's hands, and invite all democrats, being they catalans or not, to join all the campaigns and initiatives to reactivate the reception of TV3 in the area mentioned. 

Let's rise our Voice to Europe and to the whole World!


Pere Cardús said...


you can catch the new image of this campaign on the website of Criteri.

Said and done said...

You are absolutely right, but you forgot to mention that Mr. Clos, present Minister of Industry, and former Minister of Industry, Mr. Montilla from Spanish Socialist Party have also responsabilities. They had (and have) the power to restart the emissions. They are also guilty.