Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last week a bunch of Spanish terrorists attacked a cultural meeting held in Casal Jaume I at Sueca (Ribera Baixa) (picture on the right). They tried to boycott it, but were ejected by the public and also by ohters citizens who came to aid. As usually when fascists attacks occur, police units arrived late, approximately, ten minutes (local police) and half an hour (Civil Guard). Three people from the public were injured and needed medical attention. Local police arrested five fascists out of thirty. Civil Guard, none.

Guest speakers, journalist Víctor Alexandre and activist Èric Bertran, were not touched and once the terrorists were ousted, the meeting proceeded with no more incidents. Both were in Sueca invited to introduce the book Èric Bertran i l'Exèrcit del Fènix.

Attackers were Grup d'Acció Valencianista (GAV) gang members, devoted to attack any Catalan meeting or demonstration that takes place in the city of València and its surroundings.

This incident is just one more of the list of attacks, agressions and threats that sectors opposed to our Catalan identitycarryied out. In fact, there is no freedom of expression in some localities of València area, since Catalan people and activists known positively that if they express publicly their ideas, they become automatically possible targets of an agression. The situation tends to be each more and more tense.

Notwithstanding, mainstream media, in Barcelona and València, tend to ignore this thugs demonstrations. Maybe they are waiting for a death. Then, yes, the event will deserve some attention.

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