Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm fed up with you, guys

After having read many times The Economist’s piece “How much is enough?” (November, 6th), I can only say "I’m fed up with you, guys". It is an example of biased journalism. Well, to be truth, this is not journalism. It comes straight from a Spanish government-contracted PR agency.

Your approach to the issue is clearly committed to one point of view. So, now, it seems that Liberty has degrees, right? Of course not. Liberty has no degrees at all. You’re free to choose your own future or you’re not free, and someone decides your future on your behalf. That is the key question.

From the author’s point of view, Catalans do not deserve the same rights as Slovenes, Slovaks, Finnish, Lithuanians, or Irish peoples. Are Catalan human beings, with dignity and rights , or only subjects to tax extraction, cultural annihilation and economic and social impoverishment?

If, as the author states, Independentism is marginal, why the Spanish government, politicians and media oppose to a Catalonia self-determination referendum?

Are Catalans not entitled to decide their own future? Are we different from other Europeans nations?

After more than three centuries of Spanish and French aggression, we’re still alive. We’ve survived, and yes, we have failed to gain statehood. But also we have overcome extinction. Sometimes paying a big price, in lifes and pain. So here we are.

And believed it or not, Spanish credit is exhausted. The autonomy model will be killed in a matter of weeks, thanks to the Constitutional Court sentence. The federal model is a bad joke. No one is federalist in Spain.

The only “great Spanish project” is the one that sees Madrid as the cosmic, universal center of the World, even though they have failed to be an Olympic City (sorry, amigos, I think that 2016 won’t be your turn… again).

The only “great Spanish project” is a racist driven vision of the cultural diversity principle. A vision that considers there are cultures and languages not only different, but superior than others. And that those inferiors cultures fate is extinction in a more or less tolerant way.

The only “great Spanish project” is the one that exists in the mind –and the pocket- of those puppet Catalan politicians like Mr. Narcís Serra –implicated, by the way, in the dirty war against ETA, that is in the state-sponsored terrorism in the eighties- or like J.A. Duran i Lleida –whose party faces very serious judicial problems due to corruption accusation-, that deny to their own people the right to a better life, with liberty and dignity…

In fact, what this article shows is the fear and terror that Spanish politicians and media have that sooner than later a vast majority of Catalans will opt democratically for Independence. And to the fact that to oppose such a decision, the Spanish government won’t be able to use the army, since that will be condemn by NATO and EU partners, and of course by public opinion -may be with the exception of The Economist, that will applaud it.

(And because the Spanish state lacks the economic and military resources needed, other than the puremacho element, that is “balls”).

Is it necessary to remind you that Spain has not yet recognized Kosovo Independence? You may say that Catalonia has nothing to do with Kosovo. May be you think that they belong to different planets. But that’s not true, I know for sure. What’s more, they belong to the same continent. Of course they are different cases. But precisely because they are not the same cases, why Spain is afraid to recognise Kosovo Independence? Because they know perfectly well the implications of such recognition.

The next Independence wave, in the following decade, will include Quebec, Scotland –less probably, Wales- and, yes, Catalonia’s. Also it will see the break-up of Belgian federation and Ireland reunification.

So I advise you to sit in a couch and try to assimilate it. Because you will see it, and better to accept it in the name of Liberty and Democracy. On the contrary, you will have to swallow all of it. From the beginning to the end, my friends.

Note: First published at Bloc Gran del Sobiranisme

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